On the twenty-eighth day, of the fifth month, of the year two thousand and twelve a group of eighteen of my collogues and myself embarked on a journey through the small, narrow streets of urban Tokyo. We started the day off with an amazing and informative lecture from Norihiro Naki, Professor of Urban Planning at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he informed us of the history of Tokyo’s development.  After a brief and inexpensive lunch of sushi we eventually made our way to the streets, experiencing first-hand the amazing hidden sites the city had to offer. What follows is a series of images illustrating our slightly damp journey exploring urban spaces of all kinds.

On route to Tokyo Institute of Technology via the public transit system of Japan.
The Tokyo Sky Tree in Sumida Japan. The second tallest structure in the world.
An image i just could resist taking on the subway line. The women are mirrored by the handles
One of the students accompanying us from the Tokyo institute of technology.
A street scene from the small urban streets of Tokyo.
A construction worker cleaning up right before the rain began to fall.
A breathtaking building from a shinto shrine not too far from the bottom of the Tokyo sky tree.
A biker riding through the streets of Tokyo after the skies cleared from a very abrupt rainstorm.

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    17 Pratt Institute students of City & Regional Planning along with their professors travel overseas to study in Japan.  

    During our 17 days we will hear from 17 different voices about their experiences in Japan.

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